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From YogaChiGungPilates to Resilient Health Body Technologies: Why the name change?

From Yoga Chi Gung Pilates to Resilient Health Body Technologies:  Why the name change? Those that have attended my  workshops will know that I have been using the name “Yoga Chi Gung Pilates”.  After due consideration I am changing the

What Type of “Massage Therapy” Helps Relieve Pain?

Dear Sunshine Coast Resident, Since commencing Physiotherapy practice in 2005 I have had success treating conditions as diverse as ankle sprain to carpal tunnel syndrome as well as the more common conditions of neck & shoulder pain & hip, knee,

Lower back pain: The low-load to high-load stabilizing exercise treatment revolution.

The University of QLD developed an approach to treating lower back pain with low-load stabilizing exercises. Despite the documented efficacy of their approach, it has not completely “caught on” in the health and fitness industry, where less effective high-load exercises

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Before I blogged I found out what the word meant!

According to the English Oxford Dictionary a Blog “is a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis” ( Blogs are becoming more common as a marketing tool

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